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Glow Tiara & Glow Crown


Glow Tiara & Glow Crown

Product No.:Y92301

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Glow Tiara & Glow Crown:

Great for Holiday, Parties, Bath Tub Fun, Weddings, Bars & More

Super easy to use
#  Bend and shake for a bright and brilliant glow
#  Water proof and wind proof making them suitable for outside use
Non toxic and no requirement of a battery,No flames and
sparks therefore suitable for the use of children
#  Premium quality, CPSIA Compliant of USA, and safe for children

Who We Are

We are an international manufacturer specializing in the production of chemical glow items. We have passed BSCI, SEDEX, GSV & WCA certification and the ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification.

Our products can be safely used for Concerts, Pubs, Night clubs, Fishing and Diving, Parties, Ceremonies, Celebrations (Wedding, Fireworks, Halloween, Christmas, July 4th, Valentine’s Day, Easter and etc.), Sports Events, Outdoor Orienteering, Emergency Lighting, Industrial and also the Military.

We only use environmental friendly materials to produce more than 200 different types of Chemical Glow Products, which mainly include Glow-in-Dark Novelties, Party & Club Favors, Professional Safety Glow Sticks, Promotional Glow Items, Fishing Lights and so on.

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